Tuesday, October 31

Ever changing from glory to glory

I have been following Jesus seriously for over 30 years, since I was a child. I began to gain weight in college--growing up we seldom had "all you can eat." Our lack of an overabundance kept my body at a healthy weight, but taught me to eat anxiously, among other things.

In college I began to put on weight, as every meal was a buffet. I "buffeted my body!" But I didn't see this as a spiritual problem. A few years ago it began to dawn on me that Scripture was serious when it talked about "gluttony" and people whose "belly is their god," but I wasn't ready to respond.

Recently I finished the Way of Purity course at SettingCaptivesFree.com, and I experienced such an incredible freedom from an oppressive lifestyle that I was almost deliriously hungry for more of God, more freedom, more righteousness. I enrolled in The Lord's Table course, hoping to find the same freedom from food.

The Lord is good, extravantly generous, and gracious. And this course was a means to cooperating with his grace and receiving his generosity. I have been completely refocused in my mindset and heartset about food, and while I still enjoy food greatly as a fantastic gift of God, I am no longer controlled by it and unable to control my urges to eat--it's like night and day.

I went from hopelessness about staying healthy to the point where I have now lost 22 pounds so far, and aiming for my target weight within the next month.

I also plan to keep up the high diet of Scripture study. I am addicted to freedom in Christ, and I plan to study the Scriptures in detail about money and finances and apply the same principles I learned here to that area of my life!

Praise God for his glorious gift. Thank you, Mike, for this excellent course. Thank you, Jason and Peter, for being great mentors and challenging me to stay the course when it got hard.

If you are reading this and hopeless that you can change, take my word for it: God has power and resources that he's putting at your disposal, and this course will help you connect with those: SettingCaptivesFree.com/lords_table. I am hopeless no more!