Saturday, August 27

Inclusivity quote

I just saw this paraphrase of Lesslie Newbigin in Brian McLaren's book, A Generous Orthodoxy.

"[Newbigin] articulated his own position concerning Christ and salvation along the following lines: exclusive in the sense of affirming the unique truth of the revelation in Jesus Christ, but not in the sense of denying the possibility of salvation to those outside the Christian faith; inclusive in the sense of refusing to limit the saving grace of God to Christians, but not in the sense of viewing other religions as salvific; pluralist in the sense of acknowledging the gracious work of God in the lives of all human beings, but not in the sense of deniying the unique and decisive nature of what God has done in Jesus Christ."

(This paraphrase is by John R. Franke, in the intro of McLaren's book, and he cites Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Eerdmans, 1989, 182-3. I think that's a book worth my looking into.)

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