Saturday, September 22

Real Estate Futures

My friend Jeff is a fantastic real estate agent, and a great guy.
Recently I polled several friend, "How about real estate? I know
Michelangelo will have a lot to contribute to the new creation, but
what about Jeff?" They all had similar responses: Jeff and April are
incredibly generous and have invested a lot in the Kingdom of God
through their giving. They're amazingly hospitable, and many people
have experienced Jesus' love through being welcomed into their home.

I agree that all these are part of storing up treasure in heaven
which will be available to them in the new creation--all those
relationships, for example. But what about real estate? Will Jeff
need a career counselor to help him find a new job in the age that is
to come?

I don't think so. Again, humor me on a walk down speculation lane.
Let's say the Lord assigns me to work in the Kingdom around the Los
Angeles area. (Although I'd bet all our geography will be different--
so maybe we'll have New Los Angeles, New Mexico City, and New New

In any case, let's say after a few hundred years the Lord changes my
assignment and wants me to move to, say, New Newfoundland for my next
stint. Certainly it would be very helpful to have someone with big
networks, who knows people who know of vacant places to live in New
Newfoundland. Someone like Jeff.

Actually, it would be great if, in the new world, there weren't a lot
of empty buildings and wasted space. So it would be great to have
people who could orchestrate all the different people moving around
the planet to accommodate their various needs, to maximize the
benefit to the world and contribute to the well-being of the
environment as well.

So it seems to me that my friend Jeff will still be in business, if
he wants to be, along with my friends Keith and Alexei and Mischelle,
whose various jobs here contribute to the well-being of this present
planet. Certainly things will be different: no money, no
manipulation, no deceptive to negotiate through: but the basic good
skills of real estate agents, chemists, and environmental engineers
will help us "exercise dominion and subdue the earth" in the best
possible way, under the lordship of Jesus, just as God intends.

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