Thursday, June 30

What is a Theoblog?

If theology = theos + logos = words about God
then theoblog = theos + web + logos = words about God on the web.

I want desperately to know reality, since I am becoming more and more
convinced that living in reality is the essence of maturity. And that
only mature people possess true, deep, abiding joy, which I
desperately long for.

To know reality we need to get at the root, the base, the source, the
heart of it. That heart is God.

Thus I seek to learn as much about God and all that springs from God
as I can. It's a slow, painful ascent up Everest requiring incredible
endurance and patience not to mention meticulous planning and
inevitable setbacks. Thank God the journey itself is such an
adventure, for I don't know if I'll ever reach the top. But the
closer the better, so onward I press. Who'll adventure with me? I
can't go it alone.

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