Thursday, June 30

Why I Theoblog

Primarily, this theoblog is for me. I want to learn. I want to learn about reality, seen and unseen. I hope this will help me do that in several ways:

1) Writing compels me to clarify my thinking for my own sake.
2) A blog will help me write a little every day (I need help!).
3) It will collect thoughts, facts, and so on, for later use. In case there ever is a later use.
4) I hope to improve at the craft of writing through practice.
5) If anyone else happens to read this and benefits, great.
6) If anyone else happens to respond, even better--I hope to learn a lot that way!

But if no one reads it, that is fine with me.

This is my first blog, and an experiment.

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collin said...

you have more fans